Certified rebuilds
We buy transmissions and convertors of abandoned machines and rebuild them with new components.
The rebuild units are thoroughly tested and operation is factory guaranteed. We rebuild and test all off-highway components to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s specifications.  The quality control procedures are standard and incorporated into our rebuild programs to ensure maximum life is obtained from every component.

By using genuine replacement parts, factory trained and authorized technicians, the rebuild will last significantly longer than a non-certified component.

Repairs, overhauls
Service Drivelines is qualified to guarantee its repair and overhaul as per DANA, Spicer Off-Highway standards.

Testing facilities
Service Drivelines has a fully equipped test-rig to dynamically test all types of transmissions and convertors by factory trained and certified technicians, to ensure that they meet the original manufacturers operational criteria as laid down in their service procedure manuals.

We measure the performance of each and every gear forward and reverse separately during testing at full load. On our test-rig, we can employ braking force to power-test the transmission.

Field service
Our service engineers are trained at DANA, Spicer Off-Highway and carry the necessary tools and diagnostic instruments to trouble shoot in the field. We are equipped and have a team for replacing units on the machines in the field.

Genuine spare parts
We do have records and files of most types of CLARK transmissions and HURTH axles, which allow us to identify the correct spare parts. Service Drivelines has the advantage of being close to the factory and the centralized warehouse.

Product support
Service Drivelines is on line with DANA Spicer Off-Highway and is kept updated with all changes and improvements to units and parts. If drive problems on machines occur, our service engineer can have direct support from the specialists at the factory.

The transmission oil is the blood of your unit.  It should be kept in best condition.
It is of extreme importance to use genuine designed filters to safeguard the long life of the unit.
Together with SERVICE HYDRO we offer the know-how and the diagnostic instruments to measure and analyse the condition of the oil of your unit.  See also